Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We provide new home construction, Renovation, Interior design, for remodeling and new constructions, and staging for new houses sales.

IRACA has been in the construction business since 2011. We have won multiple awards across the province and country for our quality of work since then.

Yes we are licensed and have followings different type of insurance for different aspects of the work to guarantee our clients peace of mind:

  • Liability insurance for $5M for all of our Renovation and building projects.
  • Home Pacific Warranty for new houses
  • WCB insurance for site safety

There are many references in our website and testimonial sections, and any more can be provide depending on the location and type of a house.

We specialize to build Luxury single family houses, in and our mottos is Affordable Luxury.

Iraca encourages clients to tell us their designs wish list. The better we understand what they wish to have in their new house the better we can design their plans, in fact for their convenience, Iraca provided several interactive questionnaires to assist clients to quickly prepare their design needs and send to Iraca.  In Iraca’s experience the key to success is effective communication with clients and for reaching to this goal Iraca has developed many visual and automation process to receive the clients feedback and keep them informed and updated about every aspect of each step of the project. Iraca believes the sooner this channel of communication is built the more beneficial it will be for their clients; therefore, Iraca strongly recommends to the clients to contact us as early as possible, even before purchasing a property so they can take advantage of Iraca’s experience to maximize the their construction project output. Iraca understand that it is not easy to visualize the construction designs so at the design stage Iraca builds a 3d model for each floor to make sure all details are count for and nothing is missed. Based on Clients feedback the 3d model will be revised as many times as needed to reach to the final practical product that satisfies clients needs.  The 3d model will be very cost effective for client and dramatically reduces the cost of project.

Yes we offer 2-5-10 Warranty for all of our new house projects. For definition of the 2-5-10 warranty please refer to the BC housing site.

It depends on many factors such as the municipality, size of the house, and the time of the year the construction is started but typically it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 months from the time excavation starts.

For any changes at the time of the construction a “Change Order”, or CO, presenting possible cost and time needed for doing the requested change will be issued and once it is approved by client it will be applied.

Iraca will prepare a budget estimate along with a timeline of each task of project before signing a construction agreement.

  • Real Estate Consultation stage, to help clients with finding a desirable house to purchase depending on clients goals.
  • Design stage to assist clients to reach to their appealing design as described in number 6.
  • Permit Stage, Iraca assist clients to prepare and submits all documents to fulfill the permit requirements in addition Iraca submits all documents to the manucipalitis on behalf of the customer and prepares the permit for them.
  • Construction Stage: Iraca builds or renovate for the clients
  • Staging stage: in case clients intend to sell, Iraca can stage the house for them

All building/renovation stages are getting done by certified subcontractors and according to the municipality and BC Building Code.

Yes, during 14 years of Iraca’s activity, Iraca build up a team of professional and certified subcontractors. These teams are working under direct supervision of project dedicated site manager and projects interior designer or architect.

Before starting a project a work and cost schedule is prepared and presented to clients by Iraca’s Project Management Team which is called Project Management Schedule PMS.

For each task in PMS clients can visually note:

  • Task description
  • timeline
  • tentative time of start and end
  • approximate budget
  • tasks dependency
  • tasks status
  • task information, including the plans, reports and drawings

This schedule is cloud base; therefore, it can be accessible from anywhere and is also alive so clients can be notified about the project progress right away.

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